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UNO CMS - Monthly Subscription
Month-to-Month Subscription plan to the website management platform.
$50.00 USD Monthly
W.O.W. (Walk Out Working) Setup Package for UNO CMS
Includes a single three (3) hour session in which you will work side-by-side in our office (or via web conference from your computer) with a website professional to create your new website. Upon purchase, a representative will send you a content collection form to complete (upload your logo, any photos you wish to use, general business information and so-on). Prior to your arrival, our designers will have prepared two mock-ups for your review so that when we begin your session we can focus on selecting your design, building your main menu, populating your site's pages with content (you provide) and training you how to edit and grow your own site in the future. The best part is you get to "watch and learn" while we use the UNO CMS (Content Management System) to create your site, so you'll leave ready to finish the site on your own as time allows. Of course, we will be on stand-by to help should you need (normal hourly rates apply).
$799.00 USD One Time
Professional Setup
Includes website design, content insertion/layout, graphic design, training and domain name configuration assistance needed for new websites.
Starting from
$0.00 USD + $3600.00 USD Setup Fee One Time
Special Website Payment Plan for Trailer Service
One(1) of six(6) $750.00 payments towards the $4,500.00 total fee for the website design of
$750.00 USD Monthly